Willistown, PA Tree Service

TGB Tree works to make your outdoor world beautiful and relaxing. We are sometimes called to work on properties in Willistown, PA, to provide the following tree services:

  • Tree Service and Tree Care
  • Pruning / Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Residential
  • Tree Planting
Willistown Tree Service

Willistown Tree service

Tree Service near me!

TGB Tree is your local tree care company! Our shop is in Ardmore, PA so we often provide tree service to Willistown. The most common calls we get are to meet with homeowners or property managers to inspect trees at their site. The objective at each site is to make the property beautiful. A beautiful property ensures the owners, tenants, customers, employees, or students at the site are happy. TGB Tree works to preserve and maintain extraordinary trees and remove dead, dying trees, or trees that present a risk to property or people.

Trees give us life! Plants and trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during photosynthesis which provide life to humans and other animals. Trees also make humans healthy! Chemical compounds in trees such as pinene boost human immune system and even prevent sadness! Take a look at our Links page to learn more about botany and trees. We work hard to make our service great, we use best practices, top quality equipment, and love our job!

TGB Tree Service exists because 3 young sisters (Teresa, Grace, Bianca) want to be arborists when they grow up. Their father Josh worked doing landscape plantings and maintenance at local properties starting when the oldest sister, 12 year old Teresa was born. Josh got more frequent calls regarding removal of dead trees, trimming branches over roofs, etc.

We take great pride in our work. Whether we are trimming a few branches, removing a dead tree, or planting a new tree, our goal is the same, to make people happy. We take pride in providing outstanding tree service at competitive prices and would be honored to serve you! Contact us today to schedule a meeting!