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Tree Removal

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We perform tree removal at residential and commercial sites. Large or small, we safely remove trees that are in danger of causing property damage or no longer add aesthetic value to the property

Tree Pruning

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Proper pruning promotes a healthy tree. We examine the tree to access the best way to structural prune to provide clearance away from structures, promote aesthetic value, and promote long life.

Tree Planting

We love trees! Planting a tree can provide an incredible enhancement to almost any landscape. Whether the objective is to create a natural border or a beautiful specimen tree, we are happy to help.

Tree service in Delaware County, PA and in Ardmore.

We are happy to serve you!

Trees are essential not only for human existence, but also the earth. They breath in carbon dioxide and store carbon in their tissues. They regulate the climate. They provide shade, shelter for animals, beauty for humans, fruit for food, wood for construction, art, and energy. Trees in urban and suburban environments grow differently than those in a forest. These trees require proper pruning and safe removal when they are dead or in danger of causing property damage.

We examine each unique tree and consult with the property owner to create and implement a plan to complete each job.

Our service area includes the Main Line Philadelphia and Delaware County, including the following towns: Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Berwyn, Broomall, Bryn Mawr, Clifton Heights, Devon, Drexel Hill, Gladwyne, Haverford, Havertown, Lansdowne, Marple, Media, Merion Station, Narberth, Newtown Square, Penn Valley, Penn Wynne, Secane, Springfield, Swarthmore, Upper Darby, Villanova, Wayne, Wynnewood

Additional Information

Best Tree Company in Drexel Hill

If there’s a dead tree ruining the view on your property or a large tree that looks as though it may fall on your house, then you may require tree removal service. Yet choosing who to perform your tree removal service isn’t always easy. You need an experienced company that can take care of the tree and ensures your property isn’t damaged in the process. That’s why you need TGB Tree. Our tree company offers several different tree services throughout Delaware County, PA and beyond. Here’s what you need to know about our tree service.

Need Tree Services? We Can Help!

One aspect that sets our tree company in Ardmore, PA and Lower Merion apart is our ability to offer several different services. We don’t just offer to remove trees in residential or commercial areas in Delaware County, we can also make sure they’re kept safe and intact. Here are some services you can expect from our tree company in Lower Merion.

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal

Our tree company in Ardmore and Delaware County will ensure that the bothersome tree in your property is properly handled.

Why You Need Tree Trimming in Ardmore, PA

Tree trimming in Newtown Square, PA is essential for the safety of your home. Perhaps your home in Gladwyne, PA looks even more beautiful with your trees. You may not want to have them removed. That’s where our residential tree trimming can benefit you.

After carefully examining the tree in question, our team will figure out the best way to prune the tree to keep it safe and beautiful. Tree trimming in Ardmore and Delaware County can keep your yard clear and your home safe while still allowing you to have the tree around.

Why You Need Tree Removal Service in Drexel Hill, PA

One of the most popular calls we get of tree service in Main Line or Wynnewood is for the removal of a tree. Tree removal in Wynnewood, PA, and the Ardmore area are essential to keeping your home safe.

If you notice a tree is starting to grow over your home, then all it takes is one bad storm for it to fall on your house. The damage could be tragic. Our tree removal in Haverford Township and throughout Delaware County, PA can remove the tree before it can cause damage. Regular tree maintenance and services are our way of helping you protect your home.

In other cases, you may want full tree removal in Lower Merion because it blocks your view or the tree is causing issues. Removing the tree may add value to your home because it increases its aesthetics and safety.

Why You Should Consider Commercial Tree Removal in Delaware County, PA

Residences aren’t the only ones who can benefit from our services in Lower Merion township Businesses can, too. Perhaps there’s a tree that threatens your business. We can make sure your company’s budget isn’t blown on fixing up damages.

Perhaps your customers aren’t even aware of your business because there’s a huge tree blocking your sign or building. Our team can remove it and allow your business to advertise itself.

Contact Our Team in Delaware County PA Today

If you have a home or business in the main line , then you can benefit from our services. Don’t let your home suffer the consequences of being near a large tree. Before tragedy strikes, give us a call. We’ll make sure to safely and quickly remove the tree to keep your family and home safe. Call our team today.

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