TGB Tree is based in Ardmore, PA. We provide tree service (tree removal, pruning, cabling, planting) in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties. We are often called to work on trees in Main Line area. Pennsylvania is known as Penn’s Woods. We are blessed to be able to live and work around so many extraordinary trees with beautiful bark!

Common ways of identifying tree species is by shapes of the leaves, the tree habit, the appearance of the seeds, buds, and flowers. We often identify when a tree is dead or during the cold season when there are no leaves. Sometimes the crown of the tree has fallen off, there may just be a large trunk remaining. Recognizing tree bark characteristics is a helpful way to identify trees.

Autumn arrives each year making deciduous tree leaves turn brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red. Once the transformation of green leaves to the ethereal show of vibrant colors is complete, the leaves fall to earth. The soil is built from the nutrients, fungi, and bacteria created from the fallen leaves.

Tree bark appearance varies as the tree grows from a sapling to a mature tree, but it can used to identify most trees once you know what to look for. The pictures below are just some of the many common trees in our neighborhood. We hope you can use these pictures to see some beauty all around you!