When to plant a new tree

A homeowner often plants trees to enhance the look of the landscape around one’s property. The selection and planting of a tree is something to be carefully considered since it will be an investment of both time and money for the homeowner. In general, the spring and fall seasons are the ideal times of the year to add new trees to a property. For further guidance, you can call our Ardmore Tree Service company to help you pick out the perfect tree and when to plant it.

Perfect Planting Conditions

When a new tree is planted ideal growing conditions are needed to thrive. Spring and fall are typically when trees are in their inactive or dormant state. Besides, the cooler temperatures during these seasons allow for the ideal conditions for root growth, which is the most important thing when a new tree is planted. A tree without strong and extensive root growth may have issues surviving during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

There are both pros and cons to planting in either the spring or fall season. Nurseries tend to have the best selection of plants in the spring, so one has a lot to choose from when selecting a tree. A spring planting results in the tree producing leaves that can feed the tree throughout the spring and fall in preparation for the winter months. A spring-planted tree will need consistent watering to ensure it has enough available for leaf and root development throughout the summer months. A tree planted in the fall will not produce leaves, but the soil temperature will be at ideal temperatures to promote the needed root growth. However, the tree will have less time for root development before the cold winter months.

Things to Consider

Another factor in planting in the spring versus fall is the type of tree one selects. Deciduous trees, which drop their leaves, will require less water during the fall and winter months because they are only focused on root growth. Evergreen trees keep their leaves, in the form of needles, year-round and may have trouble getting enough water during the winter months.

The ideal time of year to plant a tree depends on many factors. All regions in the United States are divided into growing zones that outline the best time of the year to plant new trees. Consult our tree company in Newtown Square, Pa, we can provide needed guidance in selecting the ideal tree and time of year to plant on one’s property. The staff at Ardmore is here to find the best tree for you!

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