What Is the Best Time of Year to Have a Tree Removed?

The best time of year to have a tree removed depends on several factors. Even so, there are times when one season may be preferred over another. Find out why two out of four seasons are best for removing a tree in Ardmore, PA.

Inspect Your Tree

Check for the following indications that your tree may need to be removed.

  • Root decay – Inspect the tree’s base. Rotted roots can cause gaps between the ground and the tree’s trunk. Weak trees have a greater chance of falling during a heavy winter storm.
  • Many tree limbs on the ground – Large branches on an ill tree are particularly hazardous. As they fall, they may hit a pedestrian, family member, pet, or neighbor.
  • Leaning – If a tree is leaning far to one side, it is just a matter of time before it falls to the ground. If a house is in its path, it could cause roof damage or injuries to residents.
  • Decaying trunks – Older trees have more holes and cavities in their trunks when they start to decay. Dry barks and insect infestations also harm trees.

After you check for those signs, get an expert opinion. Do not attempt to remove a tree yourself because it is very dangerous and could cause bodily harm as well as damage you and your neighbor’s property.

The Best Times of Year for Tree Removal

Early winter, late winter, and early spring are the best times of the year to have a tree removed.

In early winter, schedule to have your tree cut down before it gets too cold. A good time would be after the leaves have all fallen and are raked. This is before winter snowstorms or ice forms.

In late winter or early spring, wait until the ice has melted and there are no more threats of snowy or icy weather.

When Emergency Tree Removal is Necessary

Sometimes a tree should be removed right away. If it poses a danger to yourself, others, and property, any time of year is the best time to contact an experienced Ardmore tree service.

Call TGB Tree at 610-850-4640, a professional tree service in Main Line, PA. We are available to inspect your tree and give you that expert opinion. You can also fill out our Easy Messaging Online Form. Get in touch today!

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