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Expert Tree Removal in Gladwyne, PA

While trees may enhance the beauty of your yard, they can also pose a risk to your home, car, and property. When you need expert tree removal or tree trimming services, then you need TGB Tree. We have experienced professionals that can take care of the tree problems you face. Here’s what you need to know about our tree service in Gladwyne, PA.

What Kind of Trees are Dangerous?

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Before you call our tree company to remove just any tree, it’s important to know which ones actually pose a threat to your home. Because trees also offer tons of benefits, you don’t want to remove them unless necessary.

Some trees that are dangerous include:

  • Large trees hanging over your home
  • Old trees close to falling over
  • Termite-infested trees
  • Trees close to power lines

When faced with larger trees, the biggest risk you’ll have for your commercial business or residential home is if a tree extends over the building. Trees that don’t go undergo tree trimming will continue to grow until they eventually die or fall over. Our commercial and residential tree company in Gladwyne, PA and the 19035 area can effectively remove any tree that may topple over and strike your building.

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Providing Residential & Commercial Tree Services in Gladwyne, PA

Old trees can also be dangerous. Our tree services in Bryn Mawr and Gladwyne, PA can inspect the old tree to determine the strength and health of its root system. Because older trees sometimes have weak roots, they’re unable to remain rooted to the ground during a storm. This can cause them to fall and damage your home or business.

One final tree that our tree company will carefully inspect in Gladwyne, PA is a termite-infested tree. These pose a serious threat because it harbors a refuge for termites. If the tree happens to be close to your building, then it’s only a matter of time before the termites start infesting your home, too.

You can count on our experienced team to perform tree removal in Gladwyne, PA and the 19035 area for the potentially harmful trees listed above and many more.

Why You Should Undergo Tree Pruning in Gladwyne, PA

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Our tree service in Gladwyne, PA isn’t restricted to just tree removal. You may also benefit from our tree trimming in Narberth and Gladwyne, PA, too. Tree pruning is an effective tree service for keeping your trees in your yard and your home safe.

Our team will inspect the tree, then come up with a plan to ensure the tree trimming keeps the tree safe as well as your family. If you have a tree that’s been in your yard for generations, then opt for our tree trimming service instead of tree removal to keep it preserved.

Try Our Tree Service in Gladwyne, PA Today

The next time you need a tree service, don’t settle for just anyone. Contact us for the best tree service your yard will ever experience. We’ll keep your family, home, and businesses safe from a wayward tree. Call our experienced team today.