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Homes and businesses can be destroyed by a single tree. All it takes is one storm for a tree to be uprooted. It can easily crash through a roof and cause extreme destruction. To keep your family and assets safe, you need a trusted tree company. At TGB Tree, we work hard to ensure the trees on your property stay safe. Here’s what you need to know about our tree service in Bryn Mawr.

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What Trees Should You Look Out For?

While our tree company in Bryn Mawr, PA can help you with any kind of tree problem you face, there are a few trees that you should keep your eye out for. These trees are among those most likely to threaten your home or business. They include:

  • Old trees
  • Termite-infested trees
  • Large trees
  • Trees by power lines

Our residential and commercial tree service can help you with trees that are close to power lines. You should never try to remove a branch from a power line yourself. If your home or commercial business frequently loses power in Bryn Mawr, then it may be due to a tree next to a power line.

All it takes is a little wind for the tree to knock some branches into the power line. Our residential tree service can help. We’ll carefully inspect any problem areas that we see. Then our tree company in Gladwyne, PA, and Bryn Mawr will safely remove the tree. Without it next to the line, your electricity will have a harder time being knocked out.

You may also need tree removal for older trees. While they may be far from your home, they can still present a danger. Older trees may have weaker roots. They may even be dead. Our company will perform tree removal in Haverford Township as well as Bryn Mawr, PA to keep the area clean and safe.

Finally, you can count on our team to look for large trees that pose a problem to your home or business. Trees that may fall on the building and cause damage are in absolute need of tree removal. Even if you just don’t like a tree, you can still count on us for tree removal.

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Best Tree Trimming & Removal in Services in Bryn Mawr, PA

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Keep Your Trees in Check with Tree Pruning in Bryn Mawr, PA

In some cases, you may not want a tree to be removed. Another popular tree service that we provide in Bryn Mawr is tree trimming. This involves the process of carefully performing tree pruning to keep the tree small and compact. Not only does it mean fewer leaves for you to rake up, but it can also keep your home safe.

Tree trimming in Bryn Mawr, PA enables you to safely hold onto old trees and trees that have sentimental value.

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No matter what tree service in Villanova you need, you can count on us. Tree removal is a great option for those who need dangerous trees gone from their property. Tree trimming is perfect for those who want to keep their trees in check. Call our expert tree trimming company the next time you need a tree trimming service.