Signs That Your Tree Is Beyond Saving

It can be tricky to know when a tree is beyond saving. People often take for granted that a tree will last for a long time. If you think your tree is beyond saving, find professional help for tree removal in Delaware County PA.

Trees should be inspected every year for signs of illness. If you forget to check for infestation or other threats to the tree, it could result in an accident. Fallen branches can hurt children or pets, and hollows in the wood are common places where raccoons or other unwanted creatures might nest.

Removal is often necessary, especially in the case of old trees. Here are some signs that you need to have your tree removed.

1 – Decaying Roots

Have a close look at the area surrounding the base of the tree. If there are signs of decay in the roots, your tree might be dying. Inspect the bottom of the trunk as well; if you notice a space between the tree and the ground, that means that the tree is becoming weak. A strong windstorm might topple it over, causing damage to your house or fence.

2 – Leaning

If a tree appears to be leaning heavily to one side, it could be dangerous. If the branches become too heavy for the base to support, the tree might topple and cause injuries.

Though many healthy trees lean naturally, if your tree was not leaning in years past, time and the weather might be weakening it. If you’re not certain whether the tree has changed its position, contact an expert and ask for their opinion. They can tell you whether the tree needs to be removed or if you could simply cut some heavy branches.

3 – Changes In The Tree Trunk

Most trees have cracks and cavities in their trunks, but when these appear over time, it means that the tree is becoming old and decaying. Examine the tree trunk for signs of infestation, as well; check the bark and see if it is dry. Often, the tree trunk can tell you what you need to know.

4 – Falling Branches

A sick tree will often drop its branches. If you notice that your tree is dropping more branches than usual, it has become a hazard. You should take action or risk injury.


Many trees have sentimental value, making it difficult to think of removing them. Despite emotional attachment, sometimes they are too dangerous to save. If you need help with the tree removal process, contact experts at TGB Tree, a trusted tree service in Delaware County PA. Don’t attempt to remove an old tree on your own; you might become injured.        

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